Range: Read surface thoughts up to 60ft/18.3m away or two-way

telepathic communication — 140ft/32.7m.

Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4

Savings Throw: Conditional. When a person suspects that he is being

telepathically probed he can resist, getting the standard savings

throw. Mind blocks will completely prevent telepathic probes or

communications as long as the block is up.

The power of telepathy allows the psychic to eavesdrop on what a

person is thinking at a particular moment. This is done by focusing on

that one person and picking up on his or her surface thoughts. Surface

thoughts are those thoughts and musings uppermost in a person's mind.

A deep probe into memory is not possible. Although the psychic can

read the thoughts of several people, he can only do so by focusing on

one person at a time. Simultaneous, multiple mind reading is impossible

for the character.

Limited telepathic communication is also possible. The telepath can

send a directed thought message to one person at a time. The message

must be as brief and clear as possible. Like, "John, I need you immediately.

Hurry!" or "Stop! Don't do that." "Come here," "Look Out"

or "Press the green button." However, two-way telepathic communication

is not possible except between two telepathic psychics.

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