Sixth Sense

Range: 90ft/27.4m

Duration: Until the danger passes or happens.

I.S.P.: 2

Savings Throw: None

The sixth sense is a power that gives the psychic a precognitive flash

of imminent danger to himself or somebody near him (within 90ft).

The character will not know what the danger is or where it will come

from, nor who it will be directed at when in a group. All he will know

is that something life threatening will happen within the next 60 seconds

(4 melees)! The sixth sense is triggered automatically, without the

consent of the psychic, whenever his life is in great peril or the life of

somebody he greatly cares about (friend, loved one, etc.). The sixth

sense is only triggered by an unexpected, life threatening event which

is already set into motion and will happen any second. The power can

not be called upon at will to sense for traps or ambush. Instead, it

works like an automatic reflex. If the character has used all his I.S.P.

the sixth sense is temporarily rendered inoperative.


The sudden flash of insight provides the following bonuses. All

bonuses apply only to the initial melee when the attack occurs.

+ 6 on initiative roll

+ 2 to parry

+ 3 to dodge

The character can not be surprised by a sneak attack from behind.

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